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They are happy and healthy

Elanor Brachnell

†With the ever increasing cold weather in the UK I feel like I am constantly coming down with a cold or cough or sore throat. Related Health is a really good way of finding out cures and ways of preventing illnesses!

Martin Healey

Related Health have a great team of informative and friendly staff. They are all experienced health professsionals which means that you know the advice you are getting is not only relaible but trusted! Thanks to the team!

Amy Fredderick

Whenever me or my family are sick I always go to Related Health. With a busy schedule there isn't always time to go to the doctors, so a service like this is fantastic for only diagnistics and cures!

What we have learnt here at Related Health is that money comes and goes, as do flashy cars and pricey jewellery. What is here to stay, through thick and thin is family, friends, memories and your health! That is why we have made a conscious effort to put 100% into our health related services. Great health is your guarantee to being able to make those happy memories with your loved ones, and to enjoy every moment with them to the fullest! Running around after your children or grandchildren is all the more easier when you are in tip top health, therefore if your health hasn't been a priority up until now, it is time to make a change!

Here at Related Health we provide you with advice and information, and no matter how big or small the health related issue may be, we treat it with the upmost importance and respect.

Now there are many reasons why you donít want to visit a doctorís surgery straight away-

Some people feel that they just do not have the time in their busy schedules to make a trip to the doctors. Especially when you usually have to wait for other peoples over run appointments, and queues in the pharmacy.

Many people also do not like taking medication unless they are really sick. Now the reason for this can really vary. Some people physically do not like taking medication due to the taste, size of the tablets or texture of the medication.

Others worry for the side effects and are concerned about exactly what is in the medication. Some people also feel irritated at the cost of prescriptions these days, unless you are exempt to paying for them, they can really build up especially if you have to collect repeat prescriptions for some time.

Other reasons as to why people may not want to visit the doctorís surgery could be fear of public places, embarrassment over the illness or injury, or fear of catching other peopleís germs.

Now whatever your reason may be for not wanting to go to the doctors, they may seem silly to one person but to you they are real reasons, real enough to make you take chances with your health. That is why we work hard to ensure that you can receive the medical assistance that you need without making a trip to the doctors surgery.

How do we do it?

We provide you with online assistance, advice, and information on all things health related. We also provide you with the opportunity to offer your advice, suggestions, tips and tricks for others to benefit from. So if you have any recipes that your great grandmother passed down to you to cure the flu, or any techniques you have discovered by accident perhaps to help to mend a sprained ankle, then please do contact out help team to share them.

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We can be reached by telephone, instant messaging, email and post (if you want to send us a recipe or guide).