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Progress on HIV Diagnosis and Treatment

HIV has for a long time been known as the deadly virus with no cure. HIV was earlier thought to be found only in gay and bisexual men. At that point, there was no known way to handle it, and those who were infected did not live for long.

 Over the years, however, there have been improvements on the way the virus is handled, which have brought about better lifestyles for people living with HIV.

Even with the success of the drugs introduced for managing HIV, the effort to fight it has not gone down. Currently, there are some groups which are working towards finding a potential HIV vaccine for the virus.

There have also been efforts to create awareness on HIV as well as the need to be tested. These efforts have been seen to bear fruits with time. 

Improvements in HIV Testing

The methods of testing for HIV have been made better and easier. This has led to the increases in the number of people tested. In addition, it has been made easier for the virus to be detected early, hence reducing the cases of infection and deaths. 

guidelines for HIV diagnosis in primary care have been provided to assist in finding new HIV cases and starting treatment as soon as possible.

HIV is tested in clinics, just like any other STI. This is a good way to get people to be tested while they take other STI tests. People who suspect to be at risk can visit a clinic 10 days following their exposure. This means that people can begin their treatment in good time if found with the virus, which reduces the complication of the treatment.

You can get an extensive sexual health test online from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a kit, which you use to take your blood sample. You should then send it to a laboratory and wait for the results. This process may take longer than actually queuing in a clinic, but it is a more discrete method of testing.

HIV can be tested online, along with other STIs. The test requires you to provide your blood sample, which is used to look for any antigens, antibodies or genetic material which may contain the virus. The test is taken further if they are present. 

If you think you may have been exposed to HIV or any other STI, get an extensive sexual health test online. 

Improvements in Treatment

Getting infected with HIV is no longer a death sentence. There have been treatments introduced to control the virus. It does not go away, but if it is contained, an infected person can live without getting sick often. The current HIV treatment progress assures people of living healthy lives with the virus.

During the first years after HIV was discovered, treating patients with HIV was a very difficult task, since there was no knowledge of what caused the disease. Medical care providers had to be extra careful while handling the patients, whom they usually kept in isolation.

The introduction of antiretroviral therapy was a great relief to many people.  ART includes a number of drugs which fight the virus and even reduce the chances of HIV transmission.

Taking the drugs helps stops the HIV from replicating; hence it cannot bring more harm to your body. You need to take your drugs exactly as they were prescribed in order for them to be effective.

There are many kinds of drug combinations. The combination to be prescribed is selected with consideration to such factors as cost, side effects, additional diseases, additional drugs, patient’s schedule as well as convenience. HIV patients are also advised to keep a healthy diet, besides just taking the drugs.  

ART has been made easier to access with time, so most people with HIV are able to control it. This further reduces the rate of HIV mortality.

HIV Vaccination

The level of mortality caused by HIV has led medical experts to work towards finding a vaccine for the virus. There has been a lot of research done to come up with the perfect vaccine. There have also been clinical trials for the same purpose, some of which have proven successful.

So far, it has been discovered that human beings are able to defend themselves against the virus, and there are some who can fail to show symptoms long after infection.

Coming up with a good vaccine is bound to prevent infection and act as therapy for people who get infected. It is medical care’s best shot at beating the virus.

The success rate of the clinical trials for vaccination shows that there is hope for potential HIV vaccine.