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Rise in STIs Blamed on Dating Apps

A new lifestyle

Sex has always been important for human beings, but it hasn't always been looked at the same way. In some cultures and time periods, it was a recommendable activity of fun and pleasure, while in others it has been seen as sinful and it has been placed under very severe rules. In some civilizations, sex was a way to create bonds or have religious experiences, while in other cases most aspects of human sexuality have been forbidden and seen as inmoral.

Countries with a European cultural heritage are currently transitioning from an era of control and repression to times of increasing sexual freedom. As a result, more and more people are engaging in networks of sexual relationships and changing partners, but the consequences of a long time of sexual repression and lots of dos and don'ts are still present. Some people are ignorant about important matters such as contraception and safety; there is also a sense of shame, especially in older generations, about discussing or learning about key points in human sexuality.

As a result to all of the above, in the UK as well as other countries there has been a significant rise in STIs. Changing partners allows the infections to spread more quickly, while a strictly sexually monogamous couple will act as a barrier to the transmission of STIs. Also, the misinformation and general resistance to sexual checkouts potentiate the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases and reduce the likelihood of diagnosis - and therefore, successful treatment.

Are dating apps to blame?

There is no need to be a genius to realize the impact of apps for matching couples and arranging sexual encounters in our social dynamics. By uploading a photo and a bit of data through a smartphone, we can get immediate access to dozens, even hundreds of potential partners, whether we are looking for a long term commitment or a fuck and go. The exchange of sexual partners is easier and quicker with the help of apps like Tinder and other many of the like that are currently available for free download. 

Doctors say that the explosion of sex apps has happened around the same time as many outbreaks of several STIs in the United Kingdom. People using this method for sex exchanges aren't likely to take periodical screenings to detect infections. As several STIs have little to no symptoms, at least in early stages, they can spread quite easily without people realizing until symptoms take over and some damage has been caused.

Public institutions such as the NHS are concerned about this phenomenom and suggest dating apps to provide information on safe sex and encourage their users to get screenings regularly. Of course, people can lie and even hide the fact that they are infected so as not to miss the chance to get laid. If you want to find out more, see this BBC article for more information.

Screenings, diagnosis and treatment

There are many obstacles which prevent people from getting tested. Some are ashamed to do so because they fear that they will be judged because of their sexual practices or even by what people will assume when they see them. There is a negative image still present, associated with sexual liberties in general - especially in older generations - as well as some sexual inclinations or practices, like homosexuality. These feelings draw people away from GUM clinics and sexual screenings altogether. Also, some people fear that the screenings will be painful or uncomfortable.

However, there are solutions nowadays for many of these problems. Sex health professionals can provide quick and painless tests. Also, there are online sites that provide this very service, with absolute confidentiality and from your home. If you want to find out more about this new sort of sexual health clinic, visit our favourite theGUMclinic.com.

It is really important to create awareness between the population because many STIs are asymptomatic - yet contagious - and can lead to terrible consequences if untreated. A simple antibiotic can save you from organic faliure, AIDS, infertility or even death.

There have been alarming outbreaks of STIs in the United Kingdom in the last decade and a half, presumably linked to - or at least potentiated by - the massive increase in the use of dating apps. Herpes, antibiotic resistant gonorrhoea and syphillis are on top of this list. You should get informed on these diseases and on how to protect yourself and you partner(s) from them. You can find out more about Syphilis here. Misinformation and unsafe sex will allow these diseases to spread in the UK and potentially become a large threat to public health.