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Rosacea Explained

What is rosacea?

Have you ever noticed how your skin gets a little flushed when you are really excited or really embarrassed or after a good workout? Blushing is quite normal; however, if you notice that the burn in your cheeks start to stay longer than they normally do or if they start happening more often than normal, it may be more than a blush.  

Many people above the age of 30 have an inflammatory facial skin disorder known as rosacea but they do not even know that they have it. This disorder starts off as a simple blush but ends up into something more serious. Here are a few signs that you are suffering from rosacea and not just a simple blush or red cheek.


Your skin gets flushed or you blush very easily. The redness on your face would get worse if you partake in activities that cause your body to get overheated or if you wear certain skin care product. The redness on your face takes very long to fade.

Skin Sensitivity

Your skin becomes very sensitive and may burn or sting especially if you apply skin care products containing substances such as alcohol and menthol.

Pustules and Papules

These are pus-filled bumps on the face which are normally mistaken for a adult acne but they really are not because they are not accompanied by the typical clogged pores caused by acne known as blackheads.

Tiny, broken blood vessels

The repeated flushing causes the blood vessels on the face to become dilated.

Changes in the skin’s appearance

If remained untreated, the disorder can result in changes in the appearance of the skin. Certain areas of the skin might swell or thicken while other parts evolve into a dark red color.

How does rosacea affects the eyes and nose?

Now that you have had the most common signs of Rosacea explained, let’s take a look at how this condition affects the eyes and nose. Rhinophyma is the form of rosacea that affects the nose and if not treated can cause the nose to enlarge, to swell and to become very lumpy in texture, red in color and bulbous in shape.

The form of rosacea that affects the eyes is known as ocular rosacea and causes the eyes to become irritate, dry and bloodshot. It may also cause the eyelids to become swollen and might even affect vision causing it to become blurry. It may even result in the loss of vision.

How is rosacea treated?

It is very important that you pay attention to your skin. If you notice any of the signs explained in this article, you must seek immediate treatment. The more advanced the condition becomes the harder it becomes to treat it. There are three main treatment options for this facial disorder. These are explained below.


Mirvaso is a gel that is used to treat the redness on the face caused by rosacea. The active compound in this medication is brimonidine which acts on the blood vessels in the skin on the face causing them to constrict. As they constrict, the flow of blood to the skin is decreased reducing the redness on the face. It is applied once per day and only on the skin of the face. It should not be applied to any other parts of the face or the body. Visit this website to buy mirvaso and for more information on it.


This comes in the form of a cream and gel and contain metronidazole which is an antibiotic and is used to treat infections caused by bacteria and protozoa. It is applied to the skin and clears up the spots and cysts caused by the condition and it reduces the redness. It is applied twice per day, morning and evening. It normally takes two to three months before the spots start to clear up so you need to be perseverant in its application otherwise you will not see the result. Obtain more rozex information here. 


This treatment option is different from the other two in that it is not a cream or gel. It is a tablet but like rozex, it is an antibiotic. For treating rosacea, the recommended dosage of oxytetracycline is two 250mg tablets twice per day for a total of six weeks and each tablet should be taken at least one hour before eating or two hours after eating. This is because some food can make it less effective so you want to make sure that that does not happen.