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Elanor Brachnell

 With the ever increasing cold weather in the UK I feel like I am constantly coming down with a cold or cough or sore throat. Related Health is a really good way of finding out cures and ways of preventing illnesses!

Martin Healey

Related Health have a great team of informative and friendly staff. They are all experienced health professsionals which means that you know the advice you are getting is not only relaible but trusted! Thanks to the team!

Amy Fredderick

Whenever me or my family are sick I always go to Related Health. With a busy schedule there isn't always time to go to the doctors, so a service like this is fantastic for only diagnistics and cures!

HIV on Rise With Heterosexuals

Everyone is at risk of contracting HIV but present figures might suggest that certain groups think they are exempt from numbers at risk of contracting the infection. Current statistics show that more than half of all new HIV diagnoses are reported among the heterosexual population. It is interesting that the number of heterosexuals contracting the infection has been slowly but surely on the rise now for years despite the growing awareness surrounding the infection and the AIDS virus over the last thirty odd years. The fact that over 50% of all new cases are contracted by heterosexuals is intriguing and certainly suggests to me that the heterosexual population feel that they are not vulnerable to infection, and that rather, it is still widely thought that HIV is an infection contracted by men who have sex with men (MSM) and intravenous drug users, almost exclusively. Frankly, this assumption is archaic and is doing a lot of damage. The actual MSM statistics for HIV can be read on the National AIDS Trust website.


It is important to avoid sounding alarmist here as this does not indicate that infections are contracted inside the UK and are very likely to have occurred outside the country but been diagnosed or treated in the UK. It is estimated that a high percentage of those infected in the UK were infected by a partner who was infected outside of the country but, allocating a country to an infection contracted outside the UK is difficult and methods of estimation are certainly not definitive. Whether the number of HIV diagnoses in the UK is representative of the rate of infection within the country or not, the number of heterosexuals living in the UK with HIV is high and this means the risk of contracting it is high. Everyone is susceptible to this incurable infection which, if left untreated, can lead to AIDS, serious health problems, and ultimately, death.  Read More...

Rosacea Explained

What is rosacea?

Have you ever noticed how your skin gets a little flushed when you are really excited or really embarrassed or after a good workout? Blushing is quite normal; however, if you notice that the burn in your cheeks start to stay longer than they normally do or if they start happening more often than normal, it may be more than a blush.  

Many people above the age of 30 have an inflammatory facial skin disorder known as rosacea but they do not even know that they have it. This disorder starts off as a simple blush but ends up into something more serious. Here are a few signs that you are suffering from rosacea and not just a simple blush or red cheek.


Your skin gets flushed or you blush very easily. The redness on your face would get worse if you partake in activities that cause your body to get overheated or if you wear certain skin care product. The redness on your face takes very long to fade. Read More...

Rise in STIs Blamed on Dating Apps

A new lifestyle

Sex has always been important for human beings, but it hasn't always been looked at the same way. In some cultures and time periods, it was a recommendable activity of fun and pleasure, while in others it has been seen as sinful and it has been placed under very severe rules. In some civilizations, sex was a way to create bonds or have religious experiences, while in other cases most aspects of human sexuality have been forbidden and seen as inmoral.

Countries with a European cultural heritage are currently transitioning from an era of control and repression to times of increasing sexual freedom. As a result, more and more people are engaging in networks of sexual relationships and changing partners, but the consequences of a long time of sexual repression and lots of dos and don'ts are still present. Some people are ignorant about important matters such as contraception and safety; there is also a sense of shame, especially in older generations, about discussing or learning about key points in human sexuality. Read More...

HPV and its Health Impact

HPV Facts

HPV (human papilloma virus) is the most common sexually transmitted infection. Some people believe diseases like AIDS or gonorrhoea infection are more frequent, but looks can be decieving. Truth is, millions of people are infected with HPV in the United Kingdom, but most of them never ever find out they are. HPV is a silent infection in most cases and it isn't uncommon that those who have it never develop any symptoms or show signs of it. Furthermore, the virus is often elliminated from your system by your immune cells, without any need of treatment.

As a matter of fact, there is no treatment that makes the virus go away, only your immune system can get rid of it. This is why HPV vaccine is being recommended. Staying away from the infection is the best way to prevent the serious consequences it may have if the virus stays in your body for long enough, but we will discuss that later. Read More...

Many STIs Becoming Resistant to Antibiotics

Common sexually transmitted diseases

STIs are one of the biggest concerns in sexual health along with unwanted or dangerous pregnancies. All freedoms come with their benefits and their costs, and sex is no exception. In the last few years, STI contagion has peaked in the United Kingdom, to the point that public health organisms have turned their heads towards this particula area of our lives. The government is aware of the need to create and mantain good sex health programmes and educational campaigns, so everyone has the chance to carry out a safe and fullfilling sex life.

Many STIs are out there, being passed on from person to person, and it's impotant to get to know them so we can identify them, protect ourselves - and others - from them, and also be aware of the importance of getting tested and undergoing treatment if necessary. Read More...

Progress on HIV Diagnosis and Treatment

HIV has for a long time been known as the deadly virus with no cure. HIV was earlier thought to be found only in gay and bisexual men. At that point, there was no known way to handle it, and those who were infected did not live for long.

 Over the years, however, there have been improvements on the way the virus is handled, which have brought about better lifestyles for people living with HIV. Read More...